KKR – Mission Viejo, California

“My Friend and Interior Designer, Mr. James Capozzi worked meticulously and remotely thru out the Pandemic and the subsequent months guiding me brilliantly through a FULL GUT RENOVATION and REDESIGN of my house. Tough enough in person let alone the challenges posed by the distance. When it was safe to travel, he did. James completely pulled my home together. I’ve rarely seen anyone so competent, confident and with such FLAIR move about as he did. He installed my furniture and beautifully curated my Art and Collections. The most interesting comment came from my housekeeper of 18 years. She said, ‘Oh, Mrs. K., your house is HAPPY AGAIN!’ Now THAT is something! Thank my Dear James!!!”

S.G. – Upper East Side

“It was so much fun working with Jazzbo. I received more than I ever thought I wanted.”

H.S. – Greenwich, CT

“My house was a mess and I was terribly daunted by the formidable task ahead of me, that I had been putting off for much too long. One day, I was referred to James Capozzi of Jazzbo Incorporated and it was love at first sight. He did everything. It was so easy and I learned a lot about art and design.”

T.J. – Upper West Side

“I’m Crazy about what James did! He changed my life. I love my apartment.”

B.V. – Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve worked with other designers over time. James is my favorite. He made my vision come to life in a Big Way. He has great taste and a wonderful sense of humor. I never expected to laugh as much as I did and it was GREAT.”

J.Z. – Greenwich Village, NY

“As a typically busy and overbooked Manhattan Professional, I simply did not have the time, skills, and resources to tackle the renovation of my new apartment. When I went looking for a designer, my aunt referred me to James Capozzi. I felt so comfortable with him from the very first meeting. In my new apartment, where nothing had been touched for 40 years, I was completely intimidated. In his lovely, charming way, over three years, James took me in hand and with great flair, executed the project. Suffice to say, I am completely happy and satisfied on all levels”


“James Capozzi came highly recommended by a trusted friend and it didn’t take me long to understand why. When working with James he becomes your friend first and takes time to clearly understand your lifestyle, your taste, and your willingness to explore new solutions. He understands the history of design and has an amazing sense of color and style. I first used James to redesign a master bedroom suite that needed a facelift. I wanted something soothing and serene. James nailed it – with color and fabric, furniture placement and attention to detail. He never stops creating – I found that even when he walks into another room he may see something and say “Let’s try putting this in that room – it may show much better there.” He uncovered gems I already had without always having to buy more. James oversaw my project from beginning to end. He watches the contractors closely. He is a perfectionist and demands the same. James is a breath of fresh air and and a consummate professional and now a loyal friend. I look forward to more projects with him and consistently recommend him to others.”

ILIR RIZAJ Architectural Photography

“I found Jazzbo Inc. on Houzz, loved Mr. James Capozzi’s designs and asked him if I could photograph his work. Soon-after, we met in a Greek restaurant in Astoria where I live, to discuss our collaboration . Until now, I have photographed two of his projects. His designs are lavish, classy, very upscale, he uses only the most quality materials, fabrics, furniture pieces, all in all, very timeless design style (true to his Italian heritage), and a real pleasure to photograph. James has become a friend, always ready to assist if I need anything, and most importantly, his helping eye in the process of my photography is invaluable. I am very much looking forward to photograph his future masterpieces.”


“James Capozzi created a perfect 21st century apartment from one that was created and decorated in 1962. The flow that he created from the new kitchen to the dining room and then sitting areas was perfect in every way. One of the more unique changes was to increase the internal doors to over 9 ft in height creating a more expansive feel to what has become a perfect apartment in one of the more sought after coops in NYC. James Capozzi was the ultimate professional, taking charge and coordinating all aspects of the project. He was on top of his game and a pleasure to work with.”


“We hired Jazzbo Incorporated as our interior design consultant when we moved from one apartment in Manhattan to another. The new apartment was spacious but needed an quality upgrade to make it contemporary and fresh. First, James Capozzi, the principal designer and owner of Jazzbo, offered help when we were sorting what to take to the new apartment from the old. He helped us go through sentimental and practical decisions and asked good questions about uses and plans. We decided upon colors for each room in the new apartment and James hired extraordinary painters whose work was professional and elegant. They also painted the hallway and all our neighbors chipped in to freshen the entire public space on our floor as a result of the quality of the painters James hired. We also went fabric shopping to reupholster several of our living room chairs and the seat cushions of our dining room chiars. He understood that we were working within a budget and helped us arrange our old furniture and add throw pillows, lighting and dimmers, and fresh kitchen appliances to update the apartment and make it beautiful and functional. Since working with James in 2000, we have called upon him for numerous interior design decisions and ways of inexpensively freshening the apartment so that it can better accommodate guests or spruce up before a party. In addition, we have recommended him to numerous friends and family members who have used him as a consultant for everything from remodeling a Long Island dining room, to selecting a new living room couch and painting a New York City apartment. James remains a go-to person for us and our long 15 year association is not only professional has also turned into a friendship. James is honest, honorable, humorous and very knowledgeable. We recommend him and Jazzbo Incorporated highly. As the person who recommended him to us in 2000 said, “he creates perfect gems” that will suit your needs and your budget.”


“Last year I purchased a penthouse in the upper Westside building where I’ve lived for 23 years. The new apartment was a mess with nothing touched for years. Of course, I immediately phoned my friend and long time Interior Designer, James Capozzi of Jazzbo Incorporated. He came right over and mobilized the project of which I couldn’t fathom managing on my own. Overall, it was complex with the building and all the filings that were required. He just steamed thru the paperwork and meetings with the building brass then bringing together his excellent contractors and the assorted craftsman. With his usual good taste, knowledge and diplomacy, James worked his magic throughout a complete gut renovation. He guided me in choosing EVERYTHING! All the new tiles and stone for my bathrooms and kitchen, plumbing fixtures, hardware, paint colors and fabrics — the works — even curated my art collection and oversaw that installation. He moved me back in, beds made and all. I just LOVE my new home. It’s so chic AND comfortable. I’m so grateful to him and for him. Anyone having a person like James should be so lucky! I recommend him highly. Thank you Dear James I so much appreciate all that he did.”

L.G. Westchester, NY

“James made my Pool House so beautiful; I use it all year round. Initially I thought he was crazy; suggesting a gas-lit fireplace in a pool house. It was my ever-loving Wife who said: ‘Listen to the Designer, he knows what he is doing.’ The Pool House has become my Winter Sanctuary. Note to self – Listen to Wife”

houzz.com client

“I have worked with several different forms while decorating several homes and I have never enjoyed working with anyone as much as I have enjoyed my time spent with James. He is a professional, efficient, and talented designer who helped me to create a beautiful Manhattan home and became a dear and trusted friend along the way!”


“I have hired Jazzbo Incorporated to design 3 separate and unique NY City apartment properties, with the projects spread out over 8 years. Their work was exemplary and I continued to go back to them for new apartment projects. James, the lead designer is excellent. His knowledge of numerous decorating styles and the history of design proved to be very valuable as we worked together to achieve my ideal aesthetic for the apartments. And he can be very collaborative with his clients if desired, or fully take the lead if the client wants to just have a finished product to enjoy. Jazzbo can work with any budget, and their relationships with numerous design stores and manufacturers, as well as retailers and wholesalers throughout the Tri-State area, allows for a very unique and customized design approach. I look forward to hiring Jazzbo on my next project!”


“It was a true pleasure working with James Capozzi. He worked with me on two apartments: hardwood selection , new kitchen counter tops and hardware, beautiful lighting, wallpaper, and fabulous ideas for refreshing my furniture and decor. Guests and friends all remarked the overall improvement of my living spaces. James has an exceptional eye for details, textiles, colors and proportions. He is a true aesthete who adores beauty and elegance and his pleasing yet confident approach to generating ideas and making them happen in a way that complemented my own aesthetic made him the ideal person to work with.”


“I had the pleasure of meeting James as a student in the interior design course he taught in New York City. I learned quite a lot in his class but most importantly I learned that he was the person I wanted to work with to design and furnish the new condo I was to purchase. I enjoyed collaborating with James as he was always very professional, understood the vision I had for my new home and worked hard to find exactly the color, fabrics and furnishings that I wanted. James is very committed to the work he does and makes the experience thoroughly enjoyable. Given the opportunity I would definitely work with James again!”


“Very simply, James creates a beautiful environment. He has a keen eye, and he helped me create a lovely, gracious home. James re-decorated my apartment after it was combined with the one next door. It’s been a pleasure to come home to it ever since. He is sensitive to your own tastes and budget, but still makes it all come out perfect. I also engaged James for my country home several years after he did the project in my apartment. He willingly traipsed out of the city – at least two hours by car — and put together another beautiful space.”


“James Capozzi (Jazzbo Inc.) has been my interior decorator for 8 years. He has redecorated my entire one bedroom apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He redid my bedroom first and turned it into an elegant sitting room/bedroom using beautiful fabrics for the window treatment, sofa pillows and chair and turned the bed into a glorious blend of gold and green. He found the perfect yellow rug to pull it together. He found a glorious granite counter top for my kitchen, with an elegant light yellow stone floor and cabinets. He “popped” it with a black tile black splash. He helped me get new doors, redo the floor and paint the entire apartment the perfect colors. The bathroom is now an elegant blend of mirrors, light blue tiles with mother of pearl bands with a black tile floor and counter. My alcove living room has the perfect day bed (does not look like one) sofas, window treatment, club chairs and a gorgeous sofa. He really turned my apartment into a show place. I could not be happier. Also James is so easy to work with. He does not push me into anything I don’t think I want and really tries to please me. He really listens. I have found that when I’ve followed his advice, I’ve been glad. He is a pleasure to know and work with and I recommend him highly.”


“Jazzbo, Inc. provides the perfect combination of efficiency, creativity and common sense. The work was timely and very well executed. I would recommend its services highly.”


“It’s a given that your interior designer should have a keen eye, a well-developed aesthetic and the know-how to get complex projects done. Jazzbo/James C has these qualities in abundance, as second nature. Where James is truly differentiated from the pack is his outstanding communication skills, which are essential to getting the job done right, on time, with excellent results and minimal headaches. Whether in person, by phone or by email, James knows exactly what questions to ask, what questions to answer, and what the next steps will be. Incredibly, for such an evolved tastemaker, he refrains from simply imprinting his vision (which would be the simple way to do it) but rather works with you to bring out your own vision, which is then heightened and brought to fruition with his suggestions and execution. James will also work with a variety of budgets and is not wedded to particular suppliers – this is a bonus for those who like to get heavily involved and source certain materials themselves. In sum, I recommend Jazzbo/James very highly, and can’t even imagine a better experience!”

EC – UWS Prewar Apartment Combination

“James Capozzi of Jazzbo Inc. was referred to us by a friend when we were combining 2 apartments on Manhattan’s Upper Westside. James worked seamlessly with our architect and contractor. His help, insight, unerring Eye and superb taste helped make our apartment look perfect. I also recommended James to work for our building lobby and facade renovations this year. We still get compliments but most of all he’s a pleasure to work with. FUN and Talented.”


“I first met Mr. James Capozzi more than a decade ago, when we were moving into our Manhattan apartment. At the time the apartment only needed a few cosmetic changes. I could see that James was a talented, hard-working designer, so 10 years later, when the time came to decorate my house from scratch, I knew who to call. James has worked tirelessly on this project for more than a year and a half, incorporating his exquisite taste, with the ability to work quickly, efficiently, and within the budget provided, therefore achieving beautiful results. James also has the best connections with the most incredible craftsmen, be it in furniture, window treatments, carpets and more. I have also learned a great deal about design through him. I would recommend him to anyone considering a small or large interior design project.”