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Custom Made Furniture

Most of the interior design firms in the market rely on readymade furniture to get their project ready. However, we at Jazzbo Incorporated Interior Design believe in precision, quality, and uniqueness in the interior design projects we create. Hence, our furniture for our client projects is often custom made!

As an Interior design firm in NYC, we took this decision of providing custom made furniture owing to a lot of factors like:

Client's Unique Style

We design the furniture to fit our client's unique style! The available furniture is created in a manner that will appeal to the masses, but we design custom-made furniture to suit our client's style, which is rare and unique.


The custom-made furniture that we design at is highly durable and lasts our client for years to come. We are one of the best interior design firms in New York to provide our clients with custom-made furniture.

Environment Impact

We care about the environment. Hence we are highly particular while choosing the type of wood and glue to be used in the custom-made furniture that we design and create, keeping in mind the environmental impact.

Translation of your choice

As a leading interior design firm in NYC, we provide custom-made furniture to our clients. It gives them the freedom to choose a particular color, material, shape, and design, which we can then translate and transform into furniture. It is like a dream come true!