We Create Beautiful & Happy Homes

James Capozzi Creates Beautiful & Happy Homes

James Capozzi provides custom interior designs, with a commitment to luxury, beauty and that brings happiness to one’s home. He focuses on transforming your living area into a space that meets all of your needs.

Established in 1997, James Capozzi’s New York interior design company has a deep knowledge and understanding of trades and contractors. His practical design-oriented approach to client work helped him rapidly grow to include an esteemed clientele.

Based on space, color and material, James Capozzi provides a service that fits your individual lifestyle which ultimately creates the highest quality residential spaces.

JAZZBO Incorporated is a Manhattan based interior design firm working in the greater New York area and around the country.  We offer several levels of interior design programs.

  • Interior Design & Decoration: Working with our clients to design a single room or an entire home.
  • Full-Gut Renovation and Design: Complete management of a construction project including interfacing on all levels with Co-op/Condo Boards and Contractors
  • Home Styling: Onsite with a client, over a couple of days, working with “What you Have”. This is an exciting and easy execution for the person who would just like to have a fresh look without significant disruption.
  • Design Consultancy: A very helpful resource for anyone in the early stages of exploring thoughts and options for a future design project.